How to Lose Weight Healthily

Losing weight is one of those things that everyone seems to have an opinion about.  Many people who do wish to lose weight want to do so quickly.  This is not always the best way, as losing weight too fast can be bad for your body, ending up with the weight creeping back on again.  Follow our tips for losing weight at the right pace, so you can drop a size and keep it off.

First of all, be sure to only weigh yourself at the same time, with the same clothes (or preferably naked). Try to only weigh once each week, as our weight fluctuates too much to see a change any more often than that.  The average person can weigh up to 3lb more or less on each day depending on things like the food which has been eaten, how much sleep they had and whether they have been to the toilet.

Next up, keep a diary of your eating and exercise.  It is very, very easy to overestimate how active we have been, as well as underestimating how many calories we are eating!  By writing things down as soon as you eat them, you are much more likely to be honest and up front with yourself.